Who is the quiet reviewer and what is this site?

Previously lpf. I inhabit Rizon. I (never) blog. Anime is my life.

The meaning of “quiet” in the context of this club is open to interpretation, but for the sake of the blog it will materialise my own philosophy: civil, nonconfrontional, and hopefully as thought-provoking as is within my means. My actual relation with anime discussion is not that flawless, so please forgive my low moments!

3 thoughts on “Who is the quiet reviewer and what is this site?

  1. Hi! I really like the concept behind your blog. Honestly, it makes you sound like an amazing expert at anything anime-related!

    I have my own blog at http://www.deredeck.com/blog which I have started and I would love it if you could check it out! Still pretty fresh at blogging and whatnot, but I thought I’d try :P Also, would you like to exchange links?

    • This is praise I did not expect to receive. Thanks, my cheeks seemed to appreciate it.

      I still am not sure what to do with this blogroll, currently its purpose is to… link to Dolphy’s blog. I’m thinking of doing a section linking to my very favourite blogs sometime after the school year, but I think I’ll make the existing blogroll into a Friends list. So, how do you do, you’re a friend now!

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