Short impressions on Tamako Love Story

This AMV was made in 2009. Watching it at the time was a mind-blowing experience. It used light effects to integrate anime characters to realistic (in this case, real-life) backgrounds, to convey emotion and to be more aesthetically pleasing. Something we could only find from the craziest video editors, and never from anime itself. To me, this AMV looked like the impossible.

We are five years into the future, and Tamako Love Story has surpassed the impossible.

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Philosophy one-oh-one! where we nit-pick Kino no Tabi — and where I talk about the future of this blog

An often recommended show, Kino no Tabi has been acclaimed by many. I also enjoyed most of it, but more often for its eccentric settings and small twists than for the questions it tries to raise and sometimes answer. Here are the cases that stood out as pretty poorly made for me; I wonder if any of my whopping three readers have a defence for them.


Episode 1: Telepathy

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Who is the quiet reviewer and what is this site?

Previously lpf. I inhabit Rizon. I (never) blog. Anime is my life.

The meaning of “quiet” in the context of this club is open to interpretation, but for the sake of the blog it will materialise my own philosophy: civil, nonconfrontional, and hopefully as thought-provoking as is within my means. My actual relation with anime discussion is not that flawless, so please forgive my low moments!